Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Law Would Make it Harder For Cops to Take Your Stuff

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Cops, backed by federal law, have been taking stuff from innocent people, and some not-so-innocent people, at alarming rates for more than a decade. The government’s “equitable sharing” civil fo…

Hossein Nayeri Extradited To California In Pot Shop Sexual Mutilation

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Hossein Nayeri, one of three suspects charged in the gruesome torture and sexual mutilation of a Newport Beach, California medical marijuana dispensary owner, will be arraigned today at Orange …

L.A. Pot Factory Churned Out Millions Worth of Weed, Cops Say

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In the middle of the scenic San Fernando Valley stood a 14,000-square-foot warehouse. And in this warehouse, cops say, was much weed. So much weed, in fact, that the operation allegedly churned…

Santa Ana Pot Busts Clog Court, Annoy Judge

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Remember the itty-bitty pot raid that Santa Ana PD carried out on July 31st? September 2nd was the arraignment for some 123 total marijuana misdemeanor violations. And so far it seems only one o…

Will the California Drought Cause Smaller Cannabis Harvests?

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Harvest season is upon us. We’re not talking about tomatoes, lettuce and carrots. We’re talking about that most green of crops, marijuana. Late summer marks the beginning of bud harvesting in th…

Santa Ana, California’s Great Pot Raid: After years of doing nothing to stop dispensaries from coming to town, the police crack down

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It’s about 2 o’clock on July 31, a hot and humid Thursday afternoon, and Mike and Scott (who asked to be identified only by their first names) are kicking back in Aloha Community Collective Assoc…

California border patrol finds 30 pounds of meth during routine stop

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Was anyone out there expecting a delivery of 30 pounds of methamphetamine from a 24-year-old fellow who is a citizen of the United States? It’s not coming, advises the U.S. Border Patrol. …

Fire in Orange County leads cops to huge pot grow

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At approximately 8:30 p.m., Anaheim Fire Department responded to reports of an electrical fire at 1676 West Lincoln Ave. Five minutes later, according to Anaheim’s online crime map, marijuana c…

Santa Ana, California begins pot crackdown anew

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According to a Santa Ana Police Department investigator, 17 medical marijuana dispensaries were visited by police in the past week. 42 tickets were issued to dispensaries operating in violation …

US AZ: Column: Planning Progress

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Tucson Weekly, 24 Jul 2014 – By enacting changes suggested by the Planning Commission, Tucson could finally catch-up on cannabis biz Tucson last week took a step closer to allowing some big changes in the medical marijuana world, but some of the changes suggested by the advisory Planning Commission seem unlikely to make the cut.

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