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US CO: Column: Getting Baked On A Specially Smoked Salmon

Boulder Weekly, 11 Jun 2015 – So I’m on the D train rolling north on Welton Street in Denver when I come across a headline that mentions "THC-infused smoked salmon." I’m intrigued, since it involves two of my favorite things, and even more so when I notice the Huffington Post story is about a place that I frequent down the street from where I work. I step off at the 27th Street exit and into Rosenberg’s Deli, which opened in Five Points a few months ago, and am introduced to Josh Pollack, the owner of the specialty delicatessen which has gotten some attention after he and his staff prepared a couple of specially smoked salmon pieces for a private 420 celebration back in April. We sat down and talked a couple days later.

US AZ: Column: Political Green

Tucson Weekly, 07 May 2015 – A Presidential Candidate Run-Down on Marijuana The 2016 presidential field is beginning to take shape, and some of the candidates have revealed their stance on marijuana legalization. Below is a roundup of what some of the declared presidential candidates have said about marijuana. Candidates are listed in alphabetical order.

US CO: Column: Creating a National Cannabis Brand Might Be

Boulder Weekly, 22 Jan 2015 – I ran across several stories about Bethenny Frankel, a reality show personality, who, after apparently being spotted coming out of an Aspen dispensary and tweeting her delight at the experience, is rumored to be wanting to cash in on the cannabis business. Frankel developed the Skinnygirl ready-to-drink cocktail line, and "insiders" say she wants to sell a special strain that would not induce the munchies. This is hardly news. Google "munchies and pot" and you’ll find recommendations for strains that don’t necessarily force the unsuspecting into wolfing an entire giant bag of jalapeno potato chips in 15 minutes. Recent studies are indicating that cannabis opens olfactory receptors, which then helps activate appetite. But really, "the munchies" concept seems little more than a marketing device, developed and perfected from the 1970s, when pot was highly illegal yet flourishing and depicted in a long parade of stoner movies and advertising, from Cheech and Chong and Animal House to Jeff Spicola in Fast Times at Ridgemont High up through Seth Rogen’s Pineapple Express.