Friday, April 18, 2014

New Study Finds Americans Love Strong Weed

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Cannabis purity, taste and potency are all important attributes the stoner community has revealed to be crucial components of the “perfect” bud. At least that appears to be the consensus of a recent Global Drug Survey, which attempts to statistically paint a p…

Man Argues Weed Not His Because He Stole Car

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All of us have used the excuse “it’s not my weed” at one time or another, but this is the first time we have heard of a person confessing to grand theft auto in order to prove it.

Baskin Bud: Ice Cream Guy Busted for Dealing

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So, here’s the scoop. An employee of a California Baskin Robbins was busted earlier this week after selling weed to a couple of undercover drug agents during his shift.

FDA Approves At-Home Heroin Overdose Kit

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With deaths from heroin and prescription painkiller overdoses now a full-swing American epidemic, the federal government has taken steps towards preventing drug fatalities by approving an at home overdose antidote.

California Wants to Bust Sober Stoners for DUI

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California lawmakers want to bust marijuana users for DUI, even when they are not stoned. A recent proposal introduced in the state legislature would make it illegal for an individual to operate a motor vehicle with even a small trace of a controlled substance in their bl…

Washington DC Decriminalization Bill Signed Into Law

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Washington DC Mayor Vincent Gray inked a deal with the stoners in our nation’s capital earlier this week; signing a bill to decriminalize possession of marijuana.

New Study: Stoner Memories Are Just Fine, Thanks

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Stoners are often revered as a forgetful bunch with a less than satisfactory capacity for storing information, but a new study indicates that die-hard marijuana users may not be as scatterbrained as previously theorized.

420 Tax Service Busted for Dealing Weed

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Link: 420 Tax Service Busted for Dealing Weed

3 Ways High-End Stoners Can Class It Up in Colorado

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High-rolling stoners in search of luxurious Colorado pot spots are in luck. We found a joint that offers complimentary weed, naked hot tub soaks and a variety of classy events involving threesomes with Mary Jane.

How Much Does Your State Spend to Enforce Marijuana Laws?

March 19, 2014 by · Leave a Comment 

There is nothing that rattles the nerves of pot proponents quite like reading obscene statistics in black and white; to see evidence of hard-working American citizens continuing to struggle inside a cesspool of poverty, while state governments continue to piss away someti…

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