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BREAKING: Feds Raid And Brutalize Dozens of Marijuana Facilities in Denver

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This morning — 7 weeks before Colorado begins to open legal, retail marijuana shops — federal agents (of the DEA variety) raided a dozendispensaries and marijuana facilities in Denver alone among other raids around the state making this the largest federal raid si…

US CA: Fallout From Lightning In A Bottle Drug Busts Reaches

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LA Weekly, 01 Aug 2013 – Los Angeles residents who attended the Lightning in a Bottle music and arts festival (July 11-15) in Riverside County and were arrested in a sophisticated sting for passing weed and party drugs to other friendly "attendees" – actually Special Investigations Bureau cops – are raising a stink after being slapped with serious drug charges and huge bond amounts. Several dozen guys were hauled to the Southwest County Detention Center near Temecula after an undercover operation by SIB, a task force of the Riverside County Sheriff’s Station, whose alleged nasty tactics, slurs and push for fairly extreme criminal charges have left attendees and their families crying foul.

Mitt’s Real Insult to the NAACP — Pushing Voter Suppression

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Deriding “Obamacare” was bad, but Romney’s support for voter suppression laws disrespects the group’s entire legacy.

5 Customers Who Flipped Their Lids at Infuriating Corporations

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We’ve all had reasons to be upset with major companies, many of which have a habit of treating consumers like inconvenient nuisances.

What Secrets Is Your Cell Phone Company Telling the Government About You?

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Over 1.3 million Americans have been electronically “searched and frisked.”

Revealed: JPMorgan Paid $190,000 Annually to Spouse of Bank’s Top Regulator

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When will we stand up to Wall Street and their sycophants in Congress and say: “ENOUGH!â€

Will Mitt Romney Choose a Woman for a Running Mate?

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Since Mitt Romney is more comfortable with corporations than people, his wife Ann thinks his ticket could use a woman’s touch.

Not Again! How Our Voting System Is Ripe For Theft and Meltdown in 2012

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The Republican war on voters is only the start of really big problems voters face in the 2012 presidential election.

Exposing How Donald Trump Really Made His Fortune: Inheritance from Dad and the Government’s Protection Mostly Did the Trick

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This excerpt from “The Self-Made Myth: The Truth About How Government Helps Individuals and Businesses Succeed” tells the real story about how Trump got so obscenely rich.

How Out-of-Control Credit Markets Threaten Liberty, Democracy and Economic Security

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Opaque, dysfunctional and corrupt credit markets are hazardous to America’s health.

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