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CN BC: Drug Educators Told To Stop Preaching

Vancouver 24hours, 26 May 2015 – Instead of warning about the harms and peer pressure of drugs, addictions researcher Dan Reist wants teachers to focus on the historical, social and cultural aspects of psychoactive substances – so kids can make their own choices. "(Traditional) drug education and virtually all health education is not education … it’s trying to sell somebody on a particular issue or behaviour where you’ve already determined what you want them to do," said Reist, an assistant director at the Centre for Addictions Research of B.C. "(For example) every civilization they cover, psychoactive substances are part of their religions, their economy, but every socials studies class doesn’t cover that … if we bring that perspective to it, suddenly this stuff doesn’t become a drug class where everybody makes jokes of it.

Marijuana fight returning to Legislature this session – Monroe News Star

Monroe News StarMarijuana fight returning to Legislature this sessionMonroe News StarState Rep. Dalton Honoré, D-Baton Rouge, is looking to Colorado as he prepares for the fight in the Legislature over upcoming marijuana legislation. “As we speak, I'm in Colorado now talking with legislators and policy advisers to see how the program …Louisiana lawmaker looking to Colorado for marijuana successThe Denver Post (blog)all 4 news articles »

CN ON: Column: Government’s Good Intentions Often Lack Teeth

The Niagara Falls Review, 28 Mar 2015 – Birthdays still excite me. Even though I’m heading for 73, I look forward to the day when I can say I’ve survived yet another year with this frustrating neuromuscular disease I’ve coped with all my life. Someone once suggested people with disabilities were a "special interest group." As you get older, you often join that group. It’s called life.

Can Washington’s Gift Economy in Marijuana Work? – New York Times

New York TimesCan Washington's Gift Economy in Marijuana Work?New York TimesIn Washington, D.C., it's now legal to possess marijuana, to grow it, to smoke it and to give it away. But you're not allowed to trade in it. You can give your neighbor up to an ounce, but if he gives you money or even bakes you a pie in exchange, that …Meet the man trying to halt marijuana legalizationVoxall 3 news articles »