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Uruguay Marijuana Secure: Tabare Vazquez Wins Office

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Go here to see the original: Uruguay Marijuana Secure: Tabare Vazquez Wins Office

Three 6 Mafia’s DJ Paul Weed Interview: "I Make Noodles With Weed Butter"

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DJ Paul isn’t just a codeine syrup sippin’ Memphis thug. He’s an Academy Award winner alongside his Three 6 Mafia brethren for their original song “It’s Hard Out Here For A Pimp,” for the movi…

CN BC: Column: Pot’s Positive Potential Is Hard To Ignore

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Whistler Question, 15 Jul 2014 – A few weeks ago I wrote about the eternal issue of kids and booze. Now it’s time to talk about adults and pot. I am always amazed by the number of people who, at some social occasion, will puff on a joint with the caveat that their spouse doesn’t know. These people either have partners without a sense of smell or they are deluding themselves.

NYT Columnist Derps On Edibles: The Media Laughs

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In a piece entitled "Don't Harsh Our Mellow," best-selling author andNew York Timescolumnist Maureen Dowd decided to document herself trying an edible for the first time while covering the legalization of marijuana in Colorado. Let us warn you, s…

The Five States Most Likely to Next Legalize Marijuana – Guardian Liberty Voice

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The ColumbianThe Five States Most Likely to Next Legalize MarijuanaGuardian Liberty VoiceColorado and Washington are the only two states that have passed laws on legally using marijuana but individuals all across the United States are wondering if their state is going to be next. However it takes more than just curiosity. There have to be …Colorado's experience with legal pot holds lessons for WashingtonThe ColumbianANGELINI: Don't ignore fact marijuana is addictive, destructive drugAsbury Park PressGUEST COLUMN: Marijuana is helpful for the economy, but not for your bodyUniversity of Northern Colorado The Mirrorall 18 news articles »

Missouri state Sen. Claire McCaskill says legalizing pot will mean kids get handed joints like they get handed beer

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Senator Claire McCaskill might be Missourians’ “liberal” voice in Washington D.C., but when it comes to reforming marijuana laws, the Democrat lawmaker is quite the conservative. On Monday, McC…

Eric Holder says U.S. banks will be able to accept accounts from state-legal marijuana operations

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In what would be a major shift towards the acceptance of cannabis by the federal government, Attorney General Eric Holder yesterday announced that banks and credit card companies would soon be al…

CN ON: Ford Talks Decriminalizing Pot

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Toronto 24hours, 10 Jan 2014 – Mayor Rob Ford isn’t high on the idea of getting into the marijuana legalization debate any time soon. And nor will he be joining his Liberal nemesis Justin Trudeau’s team to look for more lenient treatment of those who smoke it.

Opposition to Legalization Falls 26 Points

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A new poll from the Associated Press shows that American attitudes toward the legalization of personal amounts of marijuana has plummeted since Washington and Colorado did just that in 2012. A 2010 AP poll found 55 percent of adults opposed legalization while the latest p…

Top cop estimates at least half of Mendocino County employed by pot

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As one of the original counties formed when California was granted statehood back in 1850, Mendocino County is known for its picturesque northern Californian coastline, its majestic redwood fore…

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