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US CO: Column: Colorado Says ‘No’ To Medical Marijuana for

Boulder Weekly, 30 Jul 2015 – John Evans insists that calling post-traumatic stress a disorder is like cutting yourself and calling the blood a disorder. "It is a natural reaction to an unnatural event," says Evans, director of support group Veterans 4 Freedom. Not only military veterans, but women who have suffered domestic abuse or sexual assault, hospice workers, EMTs, firefighters, police officers and even those affected by natural disasters can have post-traumatic stress, he believes.

UK: Column: Is This the Start of a Locally-Led Assault on

Independent, 27 Jul 2015 – The stench of hypocrisy has long hung over the drugs debate. Politicians joke about their own use, then talk tough about the dangers and the need to crack down on criminals. This could be heard again last week when the candidates for the Labour leadership were quizzed by a radio listener over cannabis. "I’ve had a few smokes when I was at college," replied Liz Kendall. "I did inhale… but that’s never been my favourite form of relaxation." Andy Burnham and Yvette Cooper also admitted taking the odd toke during student days; only the austere Jeremy Corbyn had never tried cannabis. All three former users stressed these were youthful indiscretions as politicians always do. Yet they are in good company at Westminster: cabinet ministers have made similar confessions and even the Prime Minister admitted to smoking dope at school.

Senators unveil marijuana banking bill – Al Jazeera America

Al Jazeera AmericaSenators unveil marijuana banking billAl Jazeera AmericaThe Senate introduced a bipartisan bill on Thursday that would prevent criminal prosecution as well as liability and asset forfeiture for banks that do business with a state-sanctioned marijuana business. Sen. Michael Bennet, a Democrat, and Sen.Rand Paul backs effort to bring banking to legal marijuana businessesYahoo FinanceBipartisan marijuana banking bill introduced in the SenatePoliticoMarijuana banking bill introduced in SenateThe Denver PostDaily Caller -PoliticusUSA -KOAA.com Colorado Springs and Pueblo Newsall 59 news articles »