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US PA: Column: Law And Border

Standard-Speaker, 20 Sep 2015 – How many wars can we fight? Our presidential candidates demand "stronger action" against both illegal immigration and illegal drugs. But those goals conflict. The War on Drugs makes border enforcement much harder! America’s 44-year-long Drug War hasn’t made a dent in American drug use or the supply of illegal drugs. If it had some positive effect, prices of drugs would have increased, but they haven’t. American authorities say drugs are more available than ever.

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Narco-Imperialism Deconstructed

Dawn Paley is one courageous journalist. Her travels through Mexico, Colombia and Central America have brought her to the frontlines of "drug war" danger and militarization, producing first-hand reportage from communities terrorized by narco-gangs, paramilitaries and "official" security forces alike. In Drug War Capitalism (AK Press, Oakland, 2015) Paley portrays these forces as constituting a single nexus of terror, thoroughly integrated into the structures of the "legal"economy. read more

US CA: Column: Paddleboards And Privilege

North Coast Journal, 27 Aug 2015 – In another portent of the gentrification of marijuana, cannabis activists have tapped into the fitness industrial complex to create the 420 Games, a series of sporting events that claims it is "destigmatizing millions of responsible, positive cannabis users through athletic achievement." In mid-August, several hundred runners lined up to run a 4.20 (yes, math whiz, that zero is unnecessary) course through San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park.