Sunday, September 21, 2014

Girl Suspended from School for Writing About Marijuana

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A Missouri school district is now up against an angry dad after suspending his daughter for the majority of the 2014 school year because they found references to marijuana written in her person…

Legal pot entrepreneurs in Denver and Seattle face some complications – Al Jazeera America

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KGMI Legal pot entrepreneurs in Denver and Seattle face some complicationsAl Jazeera AmericaHe always has. The longtime New York securities lawyer says he has always smoked it — probably always will. In fact, he believed in pot — legal pot — so much that he left his 30-year law career behind, packed up his life and moved to Denver, where …Adventures in legal-weed land: Our writer goes to Washington to explore …Sacramento News & Reviewall 29 news articles »

Study: Pot Smokers Get Cranky Before Smoking Weed Again

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In perhaps one of the most blatantly obvious and useless pieces of research to ever emerge on the marijuana culture, pseudo-scientists from the Boston Children’s Hospital claim that the youth of…

Italy Has the Right Idea: Grow Weed and Free Prisoners

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While the United States military continues to frown on its soldiers’ use of marijuana, the Italian army is planning to puts its troops to work in the cannabis fields to cultivate medicine for pa…

Weed People: Potbotics founder David Goldstein

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The new pro-weed atmosphere in America has brought about an age of discovery. Where cannabis research and the exploration of its effects were previously hampered by savage prohibition, today those fascinated by the plant can crack it open in a lab setting and hone our und…

US MI: Column: It Won’t Be Too Long

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Metro Times, 10 Sep 2014 – Marijuana has become pretty normal in America. That doesn’t mean that people aren’t still getting dragged off to jail for possession. According to FBI estimates, about 750,000 people were arrested for marijuana-related offenses in 2012. The vast majority of them were for simple possession, and although marijuana use is approximately equal among both groups, young African-Americans and Latinos are arrested at rates much higher than whites.

Frequent teen marijuana use linked to issues later in life – CNN

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CNNFrequent teen marijuana use linked to issues later in lifeCNN(CNN) — Teens who use marijuana daily before age 17 are more than 60% less likely to get their high school diploma than those who've never used pot, according to a new study published Tuesday in the journal The Lancet Psychiatry. The study, done by …

Weed People: Aaron Herzberg

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In the emerging legal cannabis landscapes across the country, you’ll find guys like AaronHerzbergmaking moves to ensure that the business of weed operates in a way that benefits entrepreneurs, patients, and recreational users. He’s a corporate mari…

Florida Anti-Medical Marijuana Group Attacks John Morgan and Loopholes on Billboard

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Anti-medical marijuana group Drug Free America Foundation has taken it up a notch on their “Amendment 2 has loopholes that will lead to legalized marijuana” talking point by putting up a billboa…

The Wolves of Weed Street Could Legalize Medical Marijuana on a National Level

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The Wolves of Wall Street may have paved their way to success and ultimately, a federal penitentiary by snorting copious amounts of cocaine and gang banging high-end prostitutes while running p…

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