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US Surgeon General Vivek Murthy on obesity, medical marijuana, vaccines … – Quartz

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TIMEUS Surgeon General Vivek Murthy on obesity, medical marijuana, vaccines …QuartzVivek Murthy is the new Surgeon General of the United States, after a hard-won confirmation by the Senate yesterday. Murthy, whose position that guns are a health-care issue in the US earned him the ire of the country's powerful gun lobby, will serve a …Surgeon GeneralDrug WarRantall 665 news articles »

Big pharma blocks DC’s marijuana legalization measure

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Congress is taking steps to undo the District of Columbia’s widely supported referendum legalizing marijuana for recreational use. Buried within the “cromnibus” bill passed by the House…

Native Americans Granted Legalization of Marijuana On Reservation Lands

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In a memorandum released Thursday, the Justice Department announced it will instruct all U.S. attorneys to NOT prevent Native American tribes from cultivating or selling marijuana on reservation lands in spite of any state laws that may be in place.

Tell Congress To Back Off DC’s Legal Weed

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Republican and Democratic leadership in Congress are working together to overturn Initiative 71, a ballot measure legalizing marijuana that 70% of voters in our nation's capital voted for last month.

Big Pharma Will Sell Weed Gum to Medical Marijuana Patients

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Whilemedical marijuanaremains illegal in the eyes of the United States government, one pharmaceutical company claims it has developed a cannabis-based chewing gum that will have the support of the Federal Drug Administration within the next few years. …

Prices For Overdose Drug Skyrocket

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Naloxoneis a drug that saves lives. As anopioidantagonist that counters the effects of drug overdoses, hospitals always keep some around in case the effects of painkillers go south and cause fatal central nervous system or respiratory depression.

The Great Marijuana Hoax – The Atlantic

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The AtlanticThe Great Marijuana HoaxThe AtlanticHow much there is to be revealed about marijuana in this decade in America for the general public! The actual experience of the smoked herb has been clouded by a fog of dirty language perpetrated by a crowd of fakers who have not had the experience and …

The Big Debate Over Big Marijuana

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The New York Times recently gathered a group of its usual suspects for a debate on the issue of the inevitability of Big Marijuana.

Your Homeowners’ Policy Might Not Cover Marijuana Plants

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As legalization of marijuana expands to more than half the states in America, new and important questions for home owners who grow their own are being asked – like are their precious plants, expensive equipment and materials needed to grow covered by their insurance polic…

Ethan Nadelmann at TEDGlobal 2014: Drug War Has to End

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While holding court at TEDGlobal 2014, Executive Editor of the Drug Policy Alliance, Ethan Nadelmann, inspired and reminded attendees that recreational drugs have been a part of civilized society since the history of recorded time. Read some of this other revelatory and r…

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