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US PA: OPED: A Consensus On Criminals

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The Intelligencer, 15 Aug 2014 – Partisan antagonism rules the capital, drowning out most attempts at constructive compromise. But on at least one issue, reasonable lawmakers from both parties strongly agree: reforming the criminal justice system to reduce the prison population and enable former inmates to become more productive members of society. This growing consensus is both surprising and heartening, especially at a time when Congress can’t seem to agree on anything else. Listen, for example, to Sen. Rand Paul, a libertarian Republican from Kentucky, and Sen. Cory Booker, a Democrat from New Jersey, who have co-sponsored legislation that would seal the records of juvenile offenders and give nonviolent adults a chance to expunge their criminal past.

2nd lawsuit claims unfair San Diego pot laws will cause undue pollution

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In February of this year, local pro-cannabis activists in Kern County in Southern California concocted a defense of pot dispensaries that you have to be toking on some top shelf herbs to come …

Big Marijuana: Lobbyists Emerge for New Kind of Drug War

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As the legal cannabis industry in the United States continues to swell into a multi-billion dollar economic oasis, political veterans from across the nation are assembling to press the flesh of influence with Washington DC in hopes of swaying decisions as they pertain to …

Seattle: First Cannabis Billboards Go Up

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In an attempt to capture their fair share of Washington State’s newfound recreational marijuana market, a Seattle-based cannabis company has launched the first billboard advertising campaign to ever emerge in America dedicated to promoting recreational pot products….

US CA: Dry California Fights Illegal Use Of Water For Cannabis

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New York Times, 07 Aug 2014 – NICE, Calif. – An abandoned recreational vehicle was the first clue. In this hamlet two hours north of San Francisco and barely a mile from the largest natural freshwater lake in the state, the trailer sat on a hill, hidden from the main drag. Behind it rose a flimsy fence, tall enough to shield its bounty: 50 marijuana plants in hastily constructed wooden boxes. "This is common," said Michael Lockett, the chief building official here in Lake County, giving a tour of the now-derelict plot, where a pipe ran from a stream to a large water tank.

The Quite Hilarious Campaign Against Marijuana … – Forbes

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The Quite Hilarious Campaign Against Marijuana …ForbesThere's a moment of some joyous hilarity today as an organisation calling itself “” takes out an ad in the New York Times opposing that newspaper's editorial line that the time has come to legalise marijuana. The fun comes from …

GOP Wants Federal Stoned Driving Standards

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The congressional grey hairs of the GOP met earlier in the week to point fingers at states that have legalized marijuana for both medicinal and recreational purposes because the consensus believes increased access to cannabis is responsible for killing citizens along the …

"Prince of Pot" Marc Emery gives first Canadian interview since release from US federal prison

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After spending five years in six different prisons across six different states, Canada’s Marc Emery has been scheduled for release and is due back in Canada between August 10th and the 25th. …

Pennsylvania Republican congressman submits federal bill legalizing CBD oil

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A bill that would legalize high-CBD strains of cannabis at the national level was submitted today, giving hope to thousands of sick patients around the country. If approved, the bill would remo…

NBC Nightly News – (blog)

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NBC Nightly (blog)The Case for Legalized Marijuana. The buzz behind legalizing pot is growing louder as the New York Times endorsed decriminalizing the drug. About Us · Careers · Contact · Privacy Policy – UPDATED · Terms of Service · Site Map · Advertise · Ad Choices …

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