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DC’s medical marijuana shortage: A little noticed crisis amid legalization – Washington Post

Washington PostDC's medical marijuana shortage: A little noticed crisis amid legalizationWashington PostEven as the nation's capital enters an uncertain new age of legal marijuana, the 2,500 District residents permitted to buy medical cannabis are facing a blunt truth of their own: There isn't enough pot to go around. For months, many of the marijuana …DC legalizes pot, ignoring House RepublicansCNNPot-Dispensing Rabbi: DC Residents Deserve Legal Access to MarijuanaTIMEDC legalizes pot, will Florida follow?Sun SentinelThe Daily Chronicall 1,160 news articles »

US CO: Column: Safe Streets Alliance Wants Cannabis Back With

Boulder Weekly, 26 Feb 2015 – About the time you think things couldn’t get any crazier in the American crazyquilt approach to cannabis: Last Thursday two lawsuits were filed against the state of Colorado to shut down legal marijuana, alleging that all legal marijuana businesses are illegal under the federal racketeering act. The next day, two U.S. congressmen introduced bills that would set up a regulatory approach to cannabis on a federal level.