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US CO: Column: Local Stakeholders Meeting Addresses Concerns

Colorado Springs Independent, 16 Sep 2015 – On Thursday, Sept. 10, Rep. Kit Roupe, R-Colorado Springs, hosted a public stakeholders meeting to discuss legislating a license for cannabis clubs. The crowd included lawyers, industry leaders, police, lobbyists, Pueblo County employees and more. Here are the highlights, in case you missed it. The core issue, as the assembly eventually divined, is that certain cannabis clubs in the Springs are all-but-in-name selling recreational weed, despite the city-wide ban on recreational dispensaries. Right now, though, these clubs appear to be operating in the legal clear. Denver attorney Robert Khoury read from a copy of Amendment 64 that transferring marijuana between adults, and growing on another’s behalf are fine, as well as assisting with these and other permitted acts as long as there is no payment. His concern with the bill presented, which would ban cannabis clubs from providing marijuana in any context, is that it contradicts Amendment 64’s provision allowing adults to gift or exchange marijuana freely.

Is second-hand marijuana smoke an emerging problem? – Fairfield Daily Republic

Fairfield Daily RepublicIs second-hand marijuana smoke an emerging problem?Fairfield Daily RepublicFrom a medical perspective, I have never believed in “medical” marijuana as a prescription item that I feel comfortable recommending. Dronabinol (Marinol) contains an active ingredient of marijuana that may be useful as an anti-emetic. I have no real …

US WA: Editorial: State Can’t Gamble With Money Not in the Bank

Seattle Times, 02 Jun 2015 – DON’T envy Steve Lerch. He is the state official tasked with estimating how much tax revenue Washington’s grand experiment with legal marijuana will yield. As Lerch says, decades of sales- and property-tax data inform his predictive algorithms, but when it comes to legal pot, he has only a few quarters of history.